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CSM-5020S Carton Sealer

Part Number CSM5020S
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CSM-5020S Carton Sealer
CSM-5020S Carton Sealer
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The Kmasters CSM-5020+ carton sealer is suitable for carton packing; the carton-sealing machine can be applied for single use or in a production line. It quickly and easily applies adhesive tape to the top and bottom of your cartons. Both height and width are fully adjustable. Equipped with casters, adjustable feet, infeed loading/assebly conveyor and outfeed conveyor. Designed with front load box holding mechanism which will keep your box in place while you load your products. You no longer need to tape bottom side, before loading your products. Simple unfold your product box, place the box on the box holder and begging to load. It's that simple. Designed fully in Stainless Steel with the same specs as our popular CSM-5000+. 

Voltage: 110V 
Conveyor Speed: 20.4 
Carton Seal: Top/Bottom Sealing 
Adhesive Tape Width: 2" 
Packing Length: >6" 
Packing Width: 4" - 20" 
Packing Height: 4" - 20" 
Dimensions: 36" x 48" x 60" 
Gross Weight: 280Lbs
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